We’re a family owned and operated concrete and masonry company based in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey with twenty years of experience in concrete and masonry, which means I have the knowledge to get your project done right! I can show you pictures of our past work and give you ideas for your next project.

We do standard concrete, block work, footings, slabs, driveways, walks etc…. we also can transform your old, existing concrete into a finely finished surface such as brick, stone, tile, slate, marble or even a combination of them, maybe a brick border with a tile insert. We also do custom logo’s ideal for commercial and residential use indoor, outdoor any concrete surface, restaurants, hotels, showroom’s, retail. We can personalize your concrete surfaces: A favorite pet or a hobby, endless possibilities. We can transform your concrete into a “one of a kind” work of art without demolition. The finish is easily maintained and will last as long as the concrete does. Decorative concrete is typically less expensive than other flooring or paving options and is more durable than all of them.

We also offer “stamped” concrete, colored and textured! We’re able to duplicate a large variety of natural surfaces such as stone tile, marble, brick along with dozens of colors. The beauty of natural surroundings with the strength and durability of reinforced concrete!








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